VGLCDLA30RPDC Variable Gain Line Amplifier with LCD Display

VGLCDLA30RPDC Variable Gain Line Amplifier with LCD Display


  • Variable Gain Amplifier  
    • 0 ≤ Gain ≤ 30dB
  • Extremely Flat Group Delay
    • Less than 1ns Variation
  • Excellent SWR Throughout Dynamic Range
    • SWR ≤ 1.8:1 Max, SWR ≤ 1.5:1 Typical
  • Very Low Noise Figure
    • Typical 1.7dB
  • Excellent 1dB Compression 
    • Minimum 5dBm,
  • Excellent 3rd Order Intercept
    • 13dBm
  • Push Button Controls 
    • 1dB Increments
  • Rohs Compliant


The VGLCDLA30RPDC is a GPS Variable Gain Line Amplifier featuring a variable gain range from 0 to 30dB with an LCD display and push-*button controls in 1dB increments. The frequency response of this GPS Amp covers the GPS L1/L2/L5, Galileo and GLONASS bands with excellent flatness throughout the attenuation range. The easy to read LCD display allows users to read the exact gain at any time and easily adjust the gain in 1dB increments to ensure precise control of the signal strength at all times. In the normal configuration, the RF output passes DC from the connected GPS receiver through the amplifier to the antenna, allowing the GPS receiver to power both the antenna and the amplifier.


Networking (€100)