SMART7 - A multi-frequency GNSS SMART Antenna featuring NovAtel's OEM7® technology.

SMART7 - A multi-frequency GNSS SMART Antenna featuring NovAtel's OEM7® technology.

The SMART7 multi-frequency SMART Antenna combines a NovAtel OEM7® receiver and precision antenna in a durable and waterproof enclosure. Access to multiple GNSS signals allow for better satellite availability under variable terrain and environmental conditions. The SMART7 also receives L-Band signals to access world-wide correction signals provided by TerraStar.

For users in need of wireless solutions for tablets and smartphones, the SMART7-W includes Wi-Fi and an integrated NTRIP client to provide connectivity via Wi-Fi and cellular gateways while the SMART7-I model adds Ethernet allowing easy connectivity to wired IP networks and devices. 


  • GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo, QZSS plus TerraStar correction signal reception
  • Centimetre-level NovAtel CORRECT® TerraStar-C PRO and RTK accuracy
  • Simultaneously track up to three TerraStar correction service satellites
  • 15 cm pass-to-pass accuracy using TerraStar-L
  • Optional heading and relative positioning using ALIGN®
  • Integrated NTRIP client using optional Ethernet/WiFi interface
  • On board web UI for easier receiver configuration on some models
  • Advanced ISOBUS and CAN bus functionality supports firmware update
  • Supports NovAtel's STEADYLINE® and GLIDE®
  • Terrain Compensation that is fully adjustable and provides more accurate positioning in uneven topography
  • Plate Tectonics incorporate compensation of region-specific movement to ensure positioning stays relevant for row applications 


System Type Enclosed with Antenna  
General Info Width 192
  Length (mm)  220 
  Height (mm)  66 
  Weight (kg)  1.1 
  Typical Power Consumption (W) 
Signal Tracking  GPS  L1, L2, L2C, L5 
  GLONASS  L1, L2 
  Galileo E1, E5a/b, E5 AltBOC
  BeiDou  B1l, B1C, B2l, B2a, B2b 
  QZSS  L1, L2 
  SBAS  L1 
  L-Band (TerraStar)  
Number of Com Ports  RS-232 
  CAN Bus 
  1 PPS 
  Ground Speed Output 
  Wi-Fi  Optional 
  Ethernet  Optional 
Performance  Accuracy   
  Single Point L1/L2  1.2 m RMS
  SBAS  60 cm RMS
  DGPS  40 cm RMS 
  TerraStar-C PRO  2.5 cm RMS    3 cm 95% 
  TerraStar-X 2.0 cm RMS    2.5 cm 95%
  RTK 2.5 cm + 2 ppm (95%)

Major Feature






TerraStar Correction Services Software Option and Subscription Required
Terrain Compensation Optional Optional Optional - -
SPAN - - -  
Wi-Fi - -
Ethernet - - -
RELAY7 UHF Radio Adapter Optional