PNRRKIT Portable Networked Re-Radiating Kit

PNRRKIT Portable Networked Re-Radiating Kit


  • Utilizes Existing Roof Antenna

  • Re-Radiating Amplifier with Power Supply
    • Typical Gain 30dB

  • Optional Mounting Kit Hardware 
    • Adjustable Re-Radiating Mount

  • Variable Gain Option 
    • Re-Radiating Amp Gain Varies from approx 0-23 dB gain 

  • Variable Gain Option with LCD Display 
    • Push Button Control in 1dB Increments 0-30dB gain


The ALDCBS1X8 GPS Amplified Splitter is a one input, eight output device based on the Wilkinson splitter design. The frequency response covers the entire L-band (all GNSS frequencies) with excellent gain flatness. In the standard configuration without external power, Output 1 (J1) passes DC from the connected GPS device through the splitter to the input (antenna port), allowing the GPS receiver to power both an active antenna and the splitter’s internal amplifier. The other RF outputs (J2-J8) are DC blocked and loaded with 200 resistors to simulate the antenna current draw to prevent false antenna alarm faults.


Weatherproofing (€100)
Hermetically Sealed (€100)
Variable Gain (€100)