HGuide g080 GNSS Receiver

HGuide g080 GNSS Receiver


The HGuide g080 dual-RF, triple-frequency, all-constellation GNSS receiver delivers robust heading and positioning down to sub-centimeter levels, even in GNSS-challenged environments.

The HGuide g080 GNSS receiver provides high performance and easy integration via a leading-edge API, with industry-standard connectors and footprint.

The GNSS receiver itself provides fast acquisition plus advanced interference and multi-path rejection features with low power consumption in a credit-card-sized form factor.

The HGuide g080 includes an onboard IMU to allow tracking during short GNSS outages and enable smooth and fast re-acquisition. The HGuide g080 is available with or without RTK functionality.


GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, Beidou, IRNSS, QZSS
Gyro and Tilt Sensor coverage during short GNSS outages
Configurable Event-In
L-Band Correction option
HGNSI output is compatible with HGuide range of INS/GNSS Navigators
Integration software and support available
60 pin industry standard interface
Supports LiDAR Integration
Full ROS support available
Compatible with HGuide Post-Processing and HGuide n500 INS
10Hz Standard Data rate. Higher rates available on request.