CPDC4X1 GPS Combiner

CPDC4X1 GPS Combiner


  • Extremely Flat Group Delay
    • Less that 1ns variation
  • Low Insertion Loss
  • Passes all GNSS Frequencies (Entire L-band)
  • Provides Antenna redundancy
    • Allows receivers to function with a failed antenna
  • Phase Matched Outputs
  • Special Configurations Available By Request


The CPDC4X1 GPS Combiner (GNSS Combiner) is a four input, one output device. The frequency response of this GPS antenna combiner covers the entire L-band (all GNSS Frequencies) with excellent flatness. In the standard configuration, DC is passed from a connected GPS device through the combiner to both inputs (antenna ports). The connected GPS device or receiver will continue to maintain a GPS lock in the event of an antenna failure.


Networking (€100)
Weatherproofing (€100)