Ag-Star™ - Single Frequency SMART Antenna featuring OEMStar technology.

Ag-Star™ - Single Frequency SMART Antenna featuring OEMStar technology.

Hexagon | NovAtel Announces End of Life for OEMStar & Ag-Star Family of Products



NovAtel's Ag-Star provides an integrated L1 GPS+GLONASS receiver and antenna in a single rugged housing. Software upgradable, the Ag-Star eliminates the need for costly hardware replacement as requirements change and provides sub-meter position accuracy.


  • 14 channels configurable for GPS, GLONASS and SBAS tracking
  • Rugged, integrated design
  • Optional Bluetooth
  • Simulated radar ground speed output
  • Compatible with 12V and 24V vehicle power


  • SBAS and GLONASS tracking increase position availability
  • Smooth, consistent positions for pass-to-pass applications with optional GLIDE® technology 


System Type Enclosed With Antenna  
General Info Width/Diameter (mm) 155.00
  Height (mm) 68.00
  Weight (g) 510.00
  Typical Power Consumption (W) 2.50
Constellation GPS  
Tracking Max Num of Frequency Single
Number of Com Ports Bluetooth 1
  CAN Bus 1
  RS-232 2
Performance Single Point L1 1.5 m
  SBAS 0.7m
  DGPS 0.5m 

Precision Performance

The Ag-Star features 14 channels for L1 GPS and L1 GLONASS code and phase tracking. Two channels can be configured to receive SBAS (WAAS, EGNOS and MSAS) signals. Measurement and position data are provided at up to 10 Hz.

Smooth Pass-to-Pass Accuracy using GLIDE

NovAtel's single frequency GLIDE technology is optionally available on the Ag-Star to provide ultra-smooth positioning and exceptional pass-to-pass accuracy. GLIDE's steady, smooth output is especially suited for manual guidance applications and will bridge through short periods of poor satellite availability.

Integrated Bluetooth® Connectivity

Ag-Star is available with optional Bluetooth technology to provide wireless connectivity.

Multiple Interfaces for Maximum Flexibility

NMEA 0183 compatible RS-232 serial ports and a NMEA2000 compatible CAN port provide maximum flexibility. The Ag-Star also provides simulated radar ground speed output, 1 PPS output, an event mark input and three daylight readable status LEDs. Built-in magnets simplify mounting and fixed mounting is also available.