4NF-5.5CGXX15P-XX-X (CRPA) GPS L1/L2 or L1/L5 CRPA Antenna

4NF-5.5CGXX15P-XX-X (CRPA) GPS L1/L2 or L1/L5 CRPA Antenna


The 4NF-5.5CGXX15P-XX-X product family is a 4-element, lightweight Controlled Reception Pattern Antenna (CRPA) designed for dual-band Global Positioning System (GPS) reception. The product is available in two frequency options for either GPS L1/L2 or GPS L1/L5 coverage. Connector options for this antenna include SMA connectors or MCX connectors. The rugged enclosure can withstand harsh environmental conditions seen in military, aerospace and other applications.
For previous users of our 4NF-4SG1215P products, this lightweight CRPA is a mounting hole compatible product with improved aerodynamics and reduced weight.
Antcom can customize this product family to meet your specific requirements. Please contact us for more information about customization options.

• Lightweight and aerodynamic for airborne applications
• Retrofit-compatible for existing users of 4NF-4SG1215P products
• Various standard options available and customizable options are available for order

• GPS L1/L2 or GPS L1/L5 with M-Code support
• SMA or MCX connector options available
• Paint color options available
• Passive antenna (no power requirement)

Diameter: 5.50"
Height: 0.62" (Excluding Connectors) Weight: <15 oz (Typical)
Contact Antcom for more information on electrical and mechanical specifications.