2G15A-XTB-1 - 2G Form factor GPS L1 Antenna

2G15A-XTB-1 - 2G Form factor GPS L1 Antenna


The 2G15X-XX-X product family uses the Global Positioning System (GPS) signal reception in the L1 frequency band. This antenna is housed in a small, round enclosure, allowing easy integration onto new and existing platforms. The rugged enclosure can withstand harsh environmental conditions seen in military, aerospace and other applications.

Antcom is able to customize this product family to meet your specific requirements. Please contact us for more information about customization options.


  • Rugged GPS L1 antenna

  • Compact enclosure for applications with size weight requirements

  • Many standard options available, and customizable if required

    • GPS L1 with M-Code support

    • Passive or active (amplified) configurations available

    • Active configurations offer 2-stage integrated bandpass filtering with diode limiters

    • Connector options available

    • Paint color options available